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Antibacterial soap for tattoos: facts and tips

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Tattooing is an art that implies inserting coloring pigments with a lot of precision under the surface layer of the skin, to form a permanent living piece of art. However, both you and the tattoo artist are required to take precautionary measures before, during and after getting the tattoo, to minimize the risk of getting any infections or side effects.

Thus, it is crucial to adopt good hygiene habits until your skin recovers completely. The best way is to use antibacterial soaps on a regular basis which will prevent bacteria from forming and causing an infection that may distort your final result.

In this article, we will be sharing with you some facts and tips about anti-bacterial soaps.


1. Certain types of disinfectant soaps can be pain relieving

Getting a part of your skin tattooed can be quite hurtful especially in the first two weeks as your skin bruises and starts to form flakes causing you a lot of pain and discomfort.

Luckily for you, there are a few antibacterial soaps that contain various percentages of Lidocaine which is a local anesthetic that helps ease your pain.

2. There is an SPF version of Germ-free soaps

Tattoos tend to age as your skin ages. Particularly, prolonged exposures to direct sunlight will make your tattoo slowly fade away.

However, if you introduce SPF soap to your routine, you will noticeably extend the life shelf of your tattoo. If you think this option is too expensive for you, use regular germ-free soap and combine it with an SPF sunscreen.

3. Regular use of sterilizing soaps makes the tattoo heal fast

The healing process requires a lot of patience on your behalf. The truth is, the more you’re applied to your hygiene routine, the sooner you’ll heal.

The most important part of the routine consists of cleaning up on a regular basis the fresh tattoo, which is a wound that is very prone to infections, with a bar of antibacterial soap.

4. Antibacterial soaps are also used for tattoo removal aftercare

Even though removing your tattoo can cost you more than getting one, aftercare routines are similar in both cases and cost nearly as much.

The use of disinfectant soaps is essential whether you’re having or removing a tattoo because they block bacteria growth and prevent you from having an infection on the weakened area of your skin.


Hydrate after soaping

After the first two days from having your tattoo, your skin will begin to dry out which is what soap does. Apply small amounts of moisturizes every time you use soap and make sure not to rub your skin.

Additionally, you have to keep your skin hydrated from the inside too. Drink lots and lots of water to help you enhance your blood circulation which makes the healing of your wound occurs faster.

Make sure to use unscented and alcohol-free soaps

Scented soap is very likely to provoke irritation when used on a fresh wound. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from products that contain synthetic additives. Moreover, soaps with added alcohol will not only be irritating to your wound, but it will also hurt you so bad. Avoid these products too.

Don’t stop using disinfectant soap before full recovery

You know your tattoo has recovered when there is no more swelling and peeling. Moreover, when you notice how the colors are homogeneously standing out, and when they are neither too shiny nor too fade, that’s your clue that your tattoo healed.

Otherwise, do not think about skipping a day without disinfecting your tattoo with soap if you don’t notice these signs on every inch of your tattoo.

Ask your tattoo artist

When it comes to the DOs and DONTs, tattoo artists are experts in the matter, that’s because he/she knows better about antibacterial soaps. For that reason, if you’re hesitant about which soap to go for, talk about it with your tattoo artist because he is the person best placed to know what works and what doesn’t.


Having a tattoo is something so thrilling and appealing. Although, you may want to take your time while choosing your tattoo artist and design because you don’t want to be caring for an ugly tattoo.

If you take into consideration the facts and tips we brought together for you, everything will go for the best, hopefully.

However, if something goes wrong, you could always go back to your tattoo artist’s salon for advice or touch up which is usually free.


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