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Best romantic texts for your boyfriend or husband

Is there any sweet text message you can send to your man and makes him feel the best romantic moments? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the most inspiring love messages for your boyfriend or husband even in long distances, these words should touch his heart and make him love you more.

Even though men tend to have a much more difficult time discerning and communicating their emotions compared to women, they are, in fact, in substantial need of an emotional and deep connection with their loved ones.

Whit that being said, every man appreciates having the full attention of his girlfriend or wife he cares about. And men get overjoyed when they receive a sweet message that is full of romance and playfulness.

Inspiring love text messages for him

In this article, we will be sharing the best romantic texts you could send to your male crush, and make his heart melt. So, here is the list:

  • 1. Today I got so distracted by the idea of you to the point that my friend thought I went deaf.
  • 2. What can I have possibly done right to be under your protection and care?
  • 3. You fit perfectly into my heart, that’s why holding on to you is a piece of cake and letting you go is the biggest mistake.
  • 4. What is it with these butterflies I keep having in my stomach every time I think of you?
  • 5. How can my mind rest if I don’t know what my baby is up to today?
  • 6. Let me share a secret with you: no one has ever made me smile to myself at a public library where everybody is watching but you.
  • 7. Happy sweethearts day!
  • 8. All my friends envy me because you’re such a catch.
  • 9. Something tells me that you’re the man I’ll cross the finish line with.
  • 10. Sending my sincere thoughts to the man who makes my mind wander.
  • 11. I am lost in the thought of YOU holding me close in your arms where I feel safe.
  • 12. Since you are too caring and kind to me, I’m going to upgrade your subscription to lunch with me!
  • 13. I got you something you’re going to love. When can I meet you?
  • 14. Can you help me understand why do I adore you this much?
  • 15. How is your day turning out to be, Superman?
  • 16. No one has ever been able to make me feel this happy.
  • 17. I can’t stop thinking about that time where you drove me home. It was raining you kept me in the car for more than an hour until the rain stopped. You’re such a gentleman!
  • 18. I want to thank destiny for making our paths cross and come together as one.
  • 19. Ever since I knew you, I have saved a lot on my energy bill because I developed a habit of getting warm just by thinking of you!
  • 20. I send you a thousand thought and a thousand kiss because you illuminated a thousand stars form me.
  • 21. I’m longing for you like the desert longs for the rain.
  • 22. I can’t stop laughing at the joke you made last night, you are so adorable!
  • 23. I can’t stop laughing at the joke you made last night. I adore your sense of humor!
  • 24. You’ve been a good boy these past two weeks. You deserve a deep massage, and I will gladly give you one. Get yourself ready because it’s coming right up!
  • 25. You resemble my asthma because you just took my breath away!
  • 26. You looked pale this morning. I think you have a vitamin “me” deficiency.
  • 27. Can I borrow a kiss or two? Because God only knows how much I miss YOU!


The key to getting a man to open up to you is to understand his psychology and to act accordingly. That’s why it is important that you choose the right moment to send your man texts, and to attract him in a positive way point of getting him hooked on you.

The above are the text messages you can send to your man anytime and make him feel in love. Romantic messages are not just words, but also, make sure you send them at the right time, don’t just think about meaning, but also, you should remember in what circumstances you have to text your man. Being happy needs the right messages, and being in a bad condition also needs the right message, so, think about that.

If you have problems with your partner, you can make him smile through a text message, so, getting him interested again in your relationship is not that difficult if you carefully choose the right words. And yes, that needs some time to learn what expressions to use and what others to avoid, so, choose from the above list and save your time.

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