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Best sites to type in a phone number and find out who it is

If you or your kid are annoyed by incessant calls from an unrecognized number, take a sigh of relief because there are numerous websites that provide number lookup services which are totally legal and accurate. However, some are free and others are not.
Here’s a detailed list to guide you through these websites:

Identifying the owner of a phone number

1. BV

BV is not only the best website to reverse lookup phone numbers, but also, it’s a sophisticated platform that finds the owner details in seconds. Unlike other tools, you don’t have to waste the time with testing and verifications, all you have to do is add the cell number you want to look up, then click the search button.

Then, the tool will find who is the mobile or landline number owner exactly with name, address, location, and even social media profiles if available. That’s the power of a well build reverse lookup tools for phone numbers.

2. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is one of the most effective international platforms for number identification. Although, you need to sign up first to benefit from the service. In addition, and if you want more info, you need to become a premium member, and you have to pay from 2 to 12 dollars for the web or the mobile version of the application.

3. SPYdialer

You could track down the identity of an unknown number that has been harassing you by the mean of this easy-to-use search instrument. Better yet, you could benefit from this service for free to lookup cell phone numbers as well as landline numbers.


This phone lookup servicing platform is free of any charge, or almost. As a matter of fact, REVEAL NAME will ask you to share a link to their platform before it gives you access to the results of your search. So, basically, this website trades useful information for publicity which is not a bad bargain for you.

5. Golookup

Golookup is an online service that transmits to you social information concerning the number you’d like to investigate. Moreover, it gives you a full and detailed report that includes a court record. This platform is not free of charge since the developers put in a lot of efforts to gather and sort out such meticulous information.

6. Whoismycaller

If you need to find out who is calling, Whoismycaller is a free number lookup that will instantly reveal the identity of the holder of the phone line. It’s a free and an effective way to identify unknown strangers, telemarketers and scam callers.

7. Phonebooks

Phonebook is a soon-to-be national online directory that contains every citizen’s number along with other useful information. It provides free lookup services, and it is widely used in the US.

8. Whitepages

Whitepages is an identity verification tool used by individuals and businesses to inspect unidentified numbers. If you are an individual, you will need a premium subscription to have access to specific contact details. The site provides details of the phone number owner, however, it’s not the best place to identify scam callers, the first option in this list works better.

9. Truthfinder

Truthfinder has positive reviews become it is fast and very easy to use. Moreover, it provides its customers with a specific and detailed report file that includes criminal records. However, this valuable information comes with a high price.

10 Instant Checkmate

This platform is similar to Truthfinder since it contains much more than identified phone numbers. Actually, it also gathers thousands of criminal records and arrest warrants from all around the country.

Therefore, Instant Checkmate raises awareness about crime and low violation, and it also protects you from potentially dangerous sex offenders and drug dealers. Of course, to benefit from these premium services a fee has to be paid every month, but you can find out who a telephone number belongs to easily and without searching using multiple platforms.

11. PeepLookup

PeepLookup sources its processed information from publicly accessible data sources such as social media and government. This number lookup engine is not free but what is interesting is that if you look up your own number and find out that your personal information is displayed publicly, you could remove the pieces of information using a feature called Information Opt-Out.


We hope that you like this guide and that you put your finger on the identity of the person who detains the number that keeps popping up onto your phone screen.

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