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Can you freeze chicken salad?

Chicken salad is one of the healthiest plate options available in fast food stores. You could also make it without difficulty at the comfort of your home, and enjoy the consistent and delicious recipe.

But what if you decide to store some in your freezer? Would that be possible?

YES, it is possible to freeze chicken salad just like any other food.
Although, make sure to store properly by draining it from liquids first, then putting it in an airtight container inside of your freezer.

Will the salad keep its freshness and consistency?

Since the salad contains vegetables such as celery, parsley, and onion, these vegetables are more or less likely to lose some of their consistency due to the fact that they contain water, which will inevitably expand when exposed to the very low temperature of the freezer.

Consequently, once you get your salad out of the freezer to defrost it, it will lose more liquids than it originally contained, which automatically change the salad’s texture. Although, the change is not drastic and you can still enjoy your salad as you normally would.

How to thaw your frozen chicken salad?

There are several methods you could use to thaw your chicken salad, but we are going to mention the best two. The first is that you could leave it in its container at room temperature to defrost naturally by itself. And if you don’t want to wait that long, you can soak the container in lukewarm water, and the salad will thaw faster.

The second method is that you could leave the container in the fridge overnight, and by the following morning, you’ll get a nice plate ready to be eaten, but make sure to drain the excess water out first.

The bottom line

Freezing aliments is a great way of giving them a second life. Moreover, it saves you the time, the money and the energy of preparing a new plate.
That being said, we strongly advise you to save all your salad leftovers in the freezer for rainy days.

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