can you freeze mason jars

Can you freeze Mason jars with food or liquid like smoothies?

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Mason jars were initially destined for food storage and conservation. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Now, what about storage, is it safe to freeze food in mason jars? And can they withstand the low temperatures of your freezer? In this short article, we will give you detailed answers to these questions. Stick with us.

Freezing food or drinks in Mason jars

First, what exactly are mason jars?

Mason jars were invented a long time ago by a man named John Landis Mason. These jars are made out of glass and have a metal lid that ensures an airtight seal which makes these jars suitable for canning foods and liquids.

Are they safe for food storage?

Glass containers are one of the best types of containers to store food in because glass is not biodegradable. Therefore, it will not decompose and will not release toxins into the foods they contain.  Since mason jars or ball jars are made out of glass, this makes them perfectly safe for food storage.

Can they endure very low temperatures?

Mason jars are, more often than not, freezer-friendly because they are usually tempered and are thick enough to sustain cold temperatures. However, if your jars are non-tempered, too thin, or come with shoulders or communicating ears, they are more likely to break when filled and frozen.

Need a few more tips?

When pouring a fluid food or a liquid, like smoothies or milk, make sure to leave a room of at least one inch for liquid expansion, or else your jar will get shattered in the freezer. This familiar scene happens because of the scientific fact that liquids increase in volume when frozen.

Moreover, remember to cool down the mason jars you already filled and sealed to room temperature before putting them into the freezer. You can still put them in the freezer unsealed until the liquid expands fully and this will prevent the glass from breaking.

Last but not least, when you get mason jars out of the freezer, make sure not to expose them to high heat because abrupt alteration of temperature causes the glass to break, even the tempered kind.

To sum things up…

Mason jars are a greater alternative than plastic for food and liquid storage since they are not only safer in terms of the exposure to toxins and germs, but they also are much easier to clean than plastic containers.

Hence, it is very recommended that you freeze your souce, leftovers and pre-cooked preparations in these jars and you can rest assured that they won’t do any harm to your health.

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