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how to darken leather
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How to darken leather: 6 methods

Leather items are susceptible to tarnishing naturally after a certain period of time. The aspect of leather has a tendency to fade when it endures frequent use, but especially when it is often exposed to extreme weather conditions. In any case, you don't have to be troubled because there are...
how to blanch almonds
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How to blanch almonds

Many people prefer blanched almonds over brown ones because the latters tend to be mildly bitter. The bitterness goes away when the almonds are peeled off of their skin. In the present guide, we will be showing 4 easy ways to blanch almonds so you can enjoy it as it...
differences between sushi and sashimi
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Differences between sushi and sashimi

Sometimes people are unable to distinguish what is Sushi and what is Sashimi. The confusion between the two plates ensues because of the unfamiliarity with the ancient Japanese eating habits. In this article, we will be pointing out a few differences between the two dishes. 1. Origins According to a...
how to remove wax from clothes
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How to remove wax from clothes

Getting a wax stain is a real unpleasant incident especially if you're at a romantic candlelit dinner table with your significant other. Try to remain calm and fight the urge to wipe it off, because if you flatten it, it will get harder to remove. Instead, try to ignore it...
what does 925 mean on jewelry
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What does 925 mean on jewelry?

Are you wondering what does the stamped inscription "925" on the piece of jewelry you just received as a gift mean? We will provide you with a satisfying answer in this short article. Meaning of the designation 925 In fact, the stamp "925" is often found on sterling silver jewelry...
How to care for baby Rabbits
Home & Family

How to care for baby rabbits

When baby rabbits have their mother around there is not much you can do for them except for feeding the mother and making sure she and her babies are safe. However, if the poor rabbits have lost their mother, that's where you can step in to help them. If you...
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