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How to Soften Leather
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10 ways to soften the leather

Leathers are made out of animal skin, such as cow skin, buffalo skin, goat skin, sheep skin, deer skin, crocodile skin, etc. Manufacturers and craftsmen often use cowhide leather to make up their final product. Since leather is an actual skin, it can dry out and harden just like ours....
Waxing or Shaving
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Is waxing better than shaving?

When it comes to hair removal, some people prefer shaving while others only swear by waxing. in this article, we're going to help you determine which of the two methods is more suitable to remove your body hair. So, lets sats by this waxing vs shaving comparison. Level of practicality...
Get Sap out of Clothes
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How to get sap out of clothes

Tree sap is a viscous substance secreted by trees, and it is so sticky that it adheres to any surface that it touches.  Actually, sap sticks to fabrics badly, and if you ever get your garment stained, here are a few solutions to help you get rid of sap stains...
how to clean a rolex
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How to clean a Rolex watch

Owning a luxury watch such as a Rolex is an investment that requires a minimal time of cleaning and maintenance compared to the delight of long years of joyful wear. In this guidebook, we will show you how to look after your precious accessory in just a few steps. 1....
can you freeze chicken salad
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Can you freeze chicken salad?

Chicken salad is one of the healthiest plate options available in fast food stores. You could also make it without difficulty at the comfort of your home, and enjoy the consistent and delicious recipe. But what if you decide to store some in your freezer? Would that be possible? YES,...
can you hand wash silk
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Can you hand wash silk?

Silk is a natural fiber produced by silkworms. It makes up a very delicate fabric that needs to be treated with a lot of diligence and care. If you're wondering whether or not you can wash your silk garment by hand, keep reading because we'll lay it all out for...
how to shrink clothes
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How to shrink clothes

Did you make the mistake of buying an oversized T-shirt? Did you lose weight and want your now baggy clothes to fit you better? Shrinking them down seems like an obvious solution, but how? Don't worry because we have answers for you that we will be sharing with you in...
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