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How to Find out Whether your Partner is Faithful or Not

In this article, we will present to you the top 17 warning signs of infidelity to watch out for.

If you’re feeling that your partner might be cheating on you, well, he/she is held responsible whether he/she is guilty of cheating or not because he/she gave you reasons to doubt him/her.

In order to confirm or remove your doubts, here’s a list of the most typical warning signs of infidelity:

17 ways to know if a partner is faithful or cheater

1. A sudden change in appearance

A cheating partner has a tendency to take better care of his health and appearance in order to look more appealing to the opposite sex. 

2. Flirting with people of the opposite sex

When you’re together, your partner shamelessly approaches other people in a seductive way that makes you feel jealous.

3. A sudden change in attitude

Your partner becomes different: he/she gets too excited about life and trying new experiences. However, when it comes to you, he/she gets critical, picky and keeps demanding to have more space.

4. Avoiding any form of intimacy

If your partner is having an affair, then he/she will, at any cost, avoid spending alone time with you. They get uncomfortable and unnatural around you.

5. Becoming secretive

Your partner becomes more protective of his privacy and start locking his phone, his computer and any other device that may contain evidence of his/her betrayal. 

6. Coming home late

All of a sudden, he/she begins having extra working hours to fill, and he/she begins traveling alone which is unusual to you and gives you the feeling -in spite of all his/her implausible excuses- that he/she is having another life elsewhere.

7. Getting overly defensive

When asked a simple question, your partner avoids answering out of fear of giving you hints about his/her misconduct. He even gets furious when you insist on getting details from him about where he/she has been or about a certain commitment he broke.

8. Not wanting to be seen in public with you

If you noticed that your partner deliberately misses out on important events you used to attend together than he/she probably doesn’t want to be associated to you so he/she can have the freedom to pursue other relationships.

9. A sudden increase in his/her spending

Cheating requires money. And in order to maintain the new relationship, your partner will have to spend too much extra money to the point that you really take notice.

10. Breaking off with old habits and developing new ones

In a short period of time, you will feel as if you’re living with another person that seems like a stranger to you.

11. Becoming mean to you

Your partner doesn’t miss the chance to let you know how much he disapproves of your behavior, of how you look and of your whole manner of being. He/she even shows little respect for you and for what you do for him/her.

12. Accuse you of infidelity

If your partner finds out you suspect him/her he/she will try to create a fake conflict to divert your attention from the big mistake he/she committed by accusing you of betrayal. As you both argue about an illegitimate accusation, he/she get to gain more time to think about what to do next.

13. Smelling different

If you pick up a strange smell on your partner, the latter is clearly spending so much time with another person to the point that this other person’s smell is all over him/her.

14. Immediately go into the shower once he/she gets home 

This is only to keep you from detecting the warning sign number 14.

Furthermore, it could be a way of washing away his/her sense of guilt and shame, because deep down, he/she knows that it’s wrong and not fair to you.

15. Becoming indifferent about things that used to drive him/her crazy

If your partner couldn’t care less about things he/she used to be so picky about that means he/she is losing interest in you. This shows that he/she is no longer committed to the relationship and doesn’t want to make unnecessary efforts.

16. Being unusually kind to you

If you start getting presents for no specific reasons, if your partner is doing things for you that he normally wouldn’t do, then he/she is probably acting out of guilt and trying to compensate for the mistake he/she made.

17. You have a strong feeling that he/she is being unfaithful

If you think something is wrong then you need to trust your instincts, and have the courage to confront him/her about your concerns. This gives your partner a chance to explain what’s going on and give you the chance to listen to his/her version before deciding whether to believe him/her or not.


In fact, Infidelity is becoming more and more common. So if you think you’re being cheated on, don’t panic and especially don’t rush into conclusions

The right way to approach this type of situation is by communicating with your partner. This doesn’t mean you should forgive him/her if your doubts are confirmed, but it simply gives you the chance to understand what happened and how to prevent it in the future.

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