Find someone on dating sites using his email

How to Find Someone on Dating Sites by Email

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Online dating platforms receive millions of visitors every day, so, there is always a need to find a person on dating websites using his email address. So, we’ll talk about that in today’s post, but please use these search methods and technologies for good reasons only.

In happens that you may have doubts about your partner, wife or husband and you want to find if the person has hidden dating profiles or not, and for that reason, you only need trusted search tools, options, and ways.

Here we’ll list all the best technologies to search all dating platforms at once.

How to Find Dating Profiles by Email?

1. Find dating profiles using advanced tools

This search method should be your first option, in reality, there are lots of tools, but 98% of them won’t work and they may be out of date completely. However, this search platform works, so, you can give it a try and see if you get the right person profiles or not.

Here is how to search properly, after visiting the site, click on email lookup exactly as it looks like in the following screenshot.

find dating accounts by email lookup

Next, enter the right email address and click on the green button “Search”. Allow the tool to scan the database for one minute or less, then, you’ll get a full background check report through that email address lookup.

What we like most about this amazing search method is the different types of information the user finds in the search report.

For example, there is a dedicated section to all the social media and dating profile links with images. So, that can save a lot of time when it comes to finding the right person.

A little intelligent feature we found in this tool that helped to find out who someone is dating is their “Relatives” section in reports.

Surprisingly, when we clicked on that option after searching for an example person’s email address, we found his real girlfriend and also his Ex. So, yes, it’s a real email address lookup system that finds what others hide from you.

2. Search the dating site directly

This is another method, you can search dating sites by email address, but only this work in  cases:

  1. You can create a dating profile just to use it for search only, and if the website offers advanced search options, you can just add the email address of your boyfriend, man, wife, etc.
  2. You don’t need to create a dating profile, so, just try to login using the email address you want to lookup. If you get an error message like the password for this email is no correct or similar messages, then, there is an account related to that email.
  3. It’s also possible to use the password reset option, of course, you’re not going to reset the password or even change it, but you’re trying to find out if that email address is really used in that specific dating website.

Please only try this way to find dating profiles by email if you really should do it to fix nothing and not to bother others. Depending on your state, this may not be allowed. So search with caution and respect the privacy of others.

Another note, if anyone creates a dating profile in the past, then, he may be engaged or married now and he just forgets to deactivate or remove that account. Furthermore, online dating companies make it a little hard sometimes to completely delete accounts, just to keep their database full of users.

3. Search engines

When we need information about anything, anyone or any topic, we all use Google. So, if you want to discover hidden dating profiles for free, then, here is how to do it with Google:

  • Open the Google search box
  • Type the email address you want to search and make it inside quotes like this “”
  • If you want to search on a specific website, add the search operator when POF is an example of a dating website.

By using Google search that way, you’ll filter the results and only get the exact address email in the web page or profile link. Lots of users like the idea of making their profiles public, so, Google crawls the site and index the listed details.

In addition, many users will not even notice that their profiles on dating platforms are being crawled and indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo or others. So, it’s definitely a must-have search secret.

For Bing, you can try adding the email and make it inside quotes like Google. But of course, Bing is not sophisticated as Google. So, you’ll have to browse some search results and read them.

Google is the only place on the web to search all dating websites at once and without the need to use separate tools. So, if you find a person claiming that their site is doing that, then, they’re just searching through Google and they classify the results by platforms like Tinder, Badoo, Zoosk, and others.

What if there is a secret email address?

You can try to find other people’s dating profiles by email address, but what if you get no results? Do you know why?

There is always a possibility that your partner has secret dating accounts and he used an email address that you don’t know about completely. So, to get his email he keeps secret you should use other search methods we talked about earlier.

Try them and you’ll be surprised about the number of details, email accounts or even numbers the person has and keep secret, then, it will be easier to find dating profiles using email addresses.

If you’re starting a new relationship, and you want to see if your girlfriend or partner is faithful or not, why not starting with a dating profile search first?

Then, don’t judge your loved person the wrong way, try asking him/her if they’re dating online or not, and if they used these services before and forget about.

That can build trust and not everyone who signed up for dating account is a cheater, as we said, people, especially busy ones don’t bother with removing their personal information from being listed. So, just kindly ask them to remove their old and not used accounts to avoid these issues.


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