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Free Phone Number Lookup Sites with No Charge

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Did you receive a phone call from an unknown number? Do you want to track the number down and identify the person to whom it belongs? With the intention of answering your query, many free phone number lookup services were built up for no other purpose than to serve you and make things easier for you.

So, without further ado, we will layout for you in the following article some free reverse phone lookup services that you can use to uncover the identity of your caller.

Free Phone number lookup tools

1. Free Phone Tracer

This secured and free website enables to track down both landline and mobile numbers, but only the territory of the US. The interface of this website is very easy to use. However, you need to subscribe to the platform before getting access to their database.

2. Spydialer

When you insert a number in the search box of this website it will instantly reveal to you the identity of the line’s holder. Furthermore, it will provide you with other useful pieces of information which are: their physical address and their email.

keep in mind that Spydialer provides free services and does not require any registration.


Whoismycaller is a free reverse phone lookup service, which is able to determine instantly (no registration is required) and with much accuracy, the identity of the line’s holder. This service is free of any charge, and it is constantly updated using official telecommunication databases.

4. Whitepages

Whitepages is one of the most trusted engines that people use to track down an unknown phone number. It’s simply because it offers a good functional service for free, with more paid features in case you want to go further with your investigation of your caller’s identity.

5. Pipl

Pipl is a search engine that’s very fast, and it enables you to carry out a search by name, email, username or phone number. You could also set a location for more preciseness.

In fact, you have the possibility of signing up for the free website, but it’s not a necessary condition to benefit from their efficient services.

6. Truecaller

This web application, which has a mobile version, will request from you to sign up for their platform. Once you are signed up, you will get free access to the huge database that has been collected from all around the world.

And although Truecaller has much more interesting functionalities, you need to become a premium member to benefit from these functionalities., which will cost you around 10 dollars per month.


Each reverse phone number tracking platform has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you best, according to your needs.


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