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Free reverse phone lookup tools for cell and landline numbers

If you got a spam phone call from telemarketing agencies, Robocallers or even unknown people, then, you already noticed how annoying these calls are.

But once you determine that you can find the caller behind these numbers, you’ll find that it’s not easy to know exactly the caller name and location in a simple, but absolutely free report online.

However, their good news is that there are free ways to lookup mobile phone numbers on the Internet without the need for a credit card or any payment method.

Just keep reading this guide, and we’ll show you the best sites and apps that you can use. Please share this page with your friends, so, you let them know that they can reverse lookup phone numbers free of charge.

Now, these are the freeways for phone number lookup.

Phone lookup is free uisng these options

1. Whitepages

Don’t skip this important step if you really look for free reverse cell phone lookup, Whitepages is the largest databases of numbers in the USA. So, if there is a good place to find the owner of the mobile number and find the full name, then, starts with this site.

To start the search add the cell numbers you want to lookup in the search box, then, click the magnifying glass sign. Next, carefully browse the search results until you find the correct answer. That’s because you may get lots of details in other countries or states.

There is a little secret trick with Withepage to find who a phone number belongs to with name includes and also address.

Free reverse cell phone Lookup with name

If you find no names, there is a link named “website” under the basic info section in the search result. Click that website link and you’ll be forwarded to the exact site where the number is listed.

From there, you can find the details, including the name and other if you’re lucky. This worked many times.

White pages reverse phone lookup work, but the user needs to be patient in getting the best results he is looking for.

2. Yellowpages

Yellowpages is basically a big database of business numbers and people in the US. So, there is a chance to find who owns a cell number using reverse lookup technologies. Don’t worry if you find only the company name and not the person’s full name, that can be also helpful.

If you find that the telephone number belongs to a company, then, you can just enter the company name in Google search and find all the details like the owner, the representatives, etc…

3. Google search

Google is big enough to find and index phone numbers and names, so, anyone can search Google through phone numbers and get all the details he needs.

For absolutely free search, don’t click the advertising links on the top or the bottom of the search results page. That’s how Google work, and if you click these ads, you’ll not get a 100% free search.

4. Yahoo search

You don’t need a dedicated tool to find details with Yahoo, just enter the cell phone numbers you want to lookup for free and make sure you added it correctly. Then wait for the Yahoo search to scans the database and returns the results if a name was found.

Exactly as Google, you should never click the ads on Yahoo if you want to completely free reverse phone lookup with name search results.

5. Facebook

Yes, Facebook is a social network and it’s so big in terms of data and details. If there is a big website for free reverse phone number lookup, then, it should be Facebook in the first place, especially for mobiles.

People use their mobile numbers to create accounts on Facebook, so, if the number is linked to one account, you should find it. That’s of course if the number is public and the user is not hiding it from search engines including the Facebook internal search algorithm.

Things to know about free phone lookup for mobiles

As we said earlier, there is really a free cell phone number lookup, you can use lots of services if you carefully use the right options. But here is the truth, because cell phone numbers are easy to get and use, many people use them as disposable phone numbers.

So, they buy them only to make one call or disturb someone and that’s a bad thing.

That’s why even if there are many ways for a real free reverse phone number lookup, it will be difficult to find the real identity of the caller if the number was used once.

But that’s not always true, as people can make mistakes and we know many who signed up to Facebook or other social media sites using disposable numbers without a Sim Card.

So, you have nothing to lose in the end, just a few minutes of your time and you can use Google, Facebook or any of the above-recommended options to reverse lookup cell phone numbers free of charge and find the name of the caller.

Now, it’s your responsibility to reverse lookup someone’s phone number for free and keep your search private. Don’t use these search options for illegal activities, and if you get just the name of the caller, you’ll have more option to find who is that person exactly.

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