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Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls

Being 12 years old is a rather delicate thing for girls. Furthermore, it is sometimes difficult for parents to deal with their, let’s say, pre-teens who are starting to grow and who are eager for discovering life.

If you want to pamper them with a gift that they would appreciate dearly, whether it’s their birthday or not, we gathered for you a list of 11 gift ideas for your beloved child:

1. A Drawing Tablet

If your girl is into drawing, we strongly suggest you buy her a drawing tablet such as the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet. This interactive gadget will help her stimulate her creativity and connect with the artist within her.

2. A instant camera

The advantage of an instant camera is that not only it captures the moment but also it puts it in between your hands within seconds. We recommend the Fujifilm Instamax 9 which has good image resolution and a mirror selfie near the lens, plus it comes in beautiful color shades. Every young kid will love this one because youngsters are all about experimenting and getting in touch with concrete things.

3. A notebook

the Asus Transformer Book T101HA has the highest quality-price ratio. This two-in-one device is a laptop and a tablet at the same time. It’s great for your girl if she has some research to do (computer mode), but also if she wants to play (tablet mode). It is light and it has a wonderful design. It comes in two colors, which are metallic pink, metallic green watercolor, and metallic grey. It is smaller than a regular laptop which would be perfectly suitable for your 12 years old.

4. A reading device

Do you want to encourage you girl to improve her reading skills? Consider buying her the new Paperwhite Kindle which is light, waterproof and handy for your child who will benefit from the gift for sure.

5. A music instrument

Music makes one’s spirit wild and free. If your child doesn’t have any musical instrument at home, you should buy her a guitar or a flute. If she already has one, a second one won’t hurt her. She would be thrilled with it.

6. A scratch map

A scratch map is a great gift if you are a family who loves traveling and exploring new places and cultures. Actually, being able to scratch off (of the world map) every visited destination would be satisfactory to the whole family, not only to kids. Go for it.

7. A social game

Social games are meant to develop kids’ critical thinking and decision making. These games would motivate them to become better judges of unusual situations they might encounter. So, the best favor to do your girl is to offer her the Monopoly game for example. She could play it with her friends and relatives, and it would have a very positive effect on her overall behavior.

8. A roller skates

Sports are essentials for your girl’s mental and physical development. Roller skating is sport and fun all at once. So, don’t think twice about a pair of rollers to your young girl. Of course, don’t leave out the security equipment. You don’t want to deal with cuts and bruises. Believe me.

9. A bicycle

The bicycle is a great invention. Let your kid use it as often as possible because it’s a full workout for the body. If your daughter has a poor posture,   a few months of using the bicycle would solve her problem. Plus, she would love it regardless of whether or not she needs to correct her posture.

10. A watch

Getting your kid a watch is a great idea, especially if it’s a personalized one. Try the Swatch models. You can have plenty of choice regarding the designs and many other details you want to add. This one is a classic, but it always works.

11. A gold necklace

To show your daughter that you love her and that you have plenty of faith in her, the best way is to offer her a valuable necklace, a one that she will always keep close to her heart.

We hope this guide was handy to you.

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