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Best Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools of 2020

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In this article, we’ll show you the best grammar and punctuation checker tools, extensions, and apps for your daily writing use. There are many solutions for Google chrome, safari, and firefox without leaving your best writing app like Window World or others.

In today’s’ world of technology and apps, it becomes much more easy to fix your grammar when you write and then, check and correct the document in terms of punctions, come, etc… But what about features and quality, what tool should you use to make your English editing better and correct?

Writing and editing require a lot of concentration and diligence. However, and because to err is human, writers and bloggers make spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes here and there.

And even though these mistakes are unintentional, writers should do their best to avoid them because they considerably reduce the quality of the text they send out to millions of readers.

So, if you are a writer who seeks to hand over impeccable content that can be of great value to readers, then this guidebook is destined for you. Keep reading because we’ll share with you a list of the 3 best grammar and punctuation checker tools you can use to upgrade the quality of your writing.

Best tools to fix your grammar and punctuation

1. Grammarly

When it comes to grammar checkup, Grammarly is by far the most effective editor out there to check grammar and punctuation. It is a very intuitive tool that instantly signals misspellings, grammatical inaccuracies, word choice, and much more. Immediately after, it suggests legitimate substitutes that correspond better to the rest of your input.

Moreover, you can integrate this tool is perfectly integrable with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This way, when you install the Grammarly extension, it automatically gives you follow-up on your writing, no matter which interface you’re using (Blogspot, Gmail, Microsoft Office, etc.).

You can also integrate it with your mobile keyboard by downloading the mobile version of the app which is available for both iOS and Android users. Of course, you can use the free version, or you can consider an upgrade that will make you benefit from human proofreading and plagiarism tests.

I saw lots of people using this powerful tool to learn and correct their grammar, punctuations, and spelling, so, it works well for English language teachers, students, writers and everyone who want to write an error-free text.


Grammar and Punctuation Checker


If you’ve used any other tool to check and fix common grammar and punctuation issues in the past, and you found it useless, then, you have to try this one.

Unlike other grammar checker software, Grammarly works by scanning the whole text, then, it compares sentence structures, spelling, grammatical rules, etc., finally, it highlights the writing errors and what the writer can do to fix the mistakes.

In addition, there is no need to use multiple grammar fixer tools to check your writing, Grammarly checks your text for over 400 grammatical rules, spelling issues, verb tenses, punctuations and much more. It’s all in one English grammar checker that fixes your punctuation at the same time.

Also, anyone can check his grammar and punctuation in Word, and that does not require any complicated skills or techniques. Everything works automatically, and the user needs to click on each highlighted suggestion to apply the correction manually.

Using a complete checker tool for your sentences like this one should improve your writing over time, so, try it and see how it works. In reality, in the dashboard, and after creating your account, you’ll get regular tips and recommendations using the right English grammar and understanding everything correctly.

2. Ginger software

Ginger is very efficient at processing information, and it can even generate a genuine vocal version of your text so you get an idea about how it would sound in an authentic UK or US accent. Moreover, it offers you a personalized learning program, based on your past mistakes, to help you improve your English writing skills.

In reality, these functionalities are accessible for those who have a premium account which is not very costly compared to other grammar tools. However, what you get for free by installing the Ginger extension is to correct the highlighted mistakes, word by word after the indication of your preferred editing mode.

Sadly, this tool doesn’t run plagiarism texts not even when you get a premium membership and do not support a live correction. Instead, when you submit your text, it edits it all at once. The good news is that it allows you to correct all your errors by one click.

In addition to fixing all the grammar issues, Ginger helps you to get rid of the common comma and punctuation problems and learn from your mistakes. However, I tried the software and it’s the best spell checker compared to other apps, so, I highly recommend it for verifying the text against spelling errors before publishing or sending any text in emails, etc…

If you like to use the punctuation checker and grammar corrector tool free of change, install the extension on Googe Chrome or Safari, you don’t need the premium version if you just want to correct your text once in a while.

3. Google grammar and punctuation checker

Google has a grammar check feature in Gmail and the other services including the translating site and more, but there is always a small percentage of errors that the software detects and corrects. In fact, Google’s online punctuation checker misses lots of commas, semicolon and other common mistakes all of us make.

So, use it with caution and never say, it’s fixed all your writing, you should check your text manually and just use Google as a complementary tool to others that can find more issues and help you to correct them.

4. Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a little different from other grammar checkers in terms of its conception, execution and function display. However, it is undeniably an effective way to rectify your style and to look for unnoticed errors.

What’s even more interesting about Pro Writing Aide is that it provides you with a readability analysis, which will contribute hugely to the notoriety of your piece of writing. But unfortunately, this functionality doesn’t come without charge.

Indeed, this tool is downloadable on the mobile as well as the web version and is perfectly compatible with the most common writing software. However, most key features are only accessible to premium members such as structuring, transitioning, pacing, etc.

What grammar and punctuation checker to use?

These were the three most reliable and efficient grammar and punctuation checking tools available on the market. You can check them out and give us feedback about what you think.

If you want our advice, then, you should use Grammarly and fix all your writing problems faster. The software comes with sophisticated proofreading, spelling check, punctuation checker and lots of improvements every month.

It’s the preferred grammar and editing software for bloggers, professional writers, book authors, lawyers and even students who use the powerful grammar correction features.

We hope you enjoyed this guidebook and we wish you the best luck with checking and fixing all the grammar and writing problems in word and other tools including Gmail, social media, etc…


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