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How Long does Cooked Salmon Last in the Fridge?

Are you wondering about how long can you keep a salmon fish in your fridge after you cooked it?

Before answering this relevant question that may occur to many of you, let’s quickly check a few facts:

You have to know that salmon is the third most consumed fish in the US after shrimp and tuna. It’s a food that has a lot of health benefits and it is known for being an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are proven to prevent or at least lower the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to add this fish to your diet.

In this short guide, we will show you how to optimize your salmon consumption and how to save your valuable leftovers.

First, let’s understand what is the shelf life of a cooked Salmon fish? In fact, when cooked properly, salmon can last up to 4 days in the fridge without losing its freshness under the condition that is well placed in a hermetically sealed container.

However, if you know that your salmon wasn’t fresh when you first bought it, or if it’s bought from a restaurant you should not go past 2 days of conservation in the fridge. And even then, check its smell because it’s the most reliable detector of rot.

Now, if you’re sure that your fish was fresh prior to cooking then you’re safe. In this case, you can even store your leftovers in the freezer for up to one month without risking to lose its flavors and for much longer if you don’t mind eating nearly tasteless food.

The rule of thumb here is, and it is applicable to any kind of fish, the sooner you eat your fish the better and tastier it will be.

I hope you got a clear idea of whether or not you can save cooked salmon for a short period of time or longer. If you want to add other tips, you can use the contact page and let us know what you think. or add your comment in the section below and lets find more tricks that worked for you.

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