how long to wait to shower after a spray tan

How long to wait to shower after a spray tan?

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Just got yourself a spray tan to look like a celeb? Good for you! But, how long should you wait before taking a shower?

In this short article, we will provide you with an answer to this, particularly worrying, question.

First, what is spray tan?

Unlike sun-baking or tanning bed baking, spray tanning is a much more practical option that will only take a few hours of your time to give you visible results. Furthermore, this technique, also known as self-tanning,  is considered to be a safer alternative than exposing your skin to direct sunlight that infiltrates the inner layers of your skin and damages them.

However, self-tanning isn’t as harmful as sun-baking, and it doesn’t imply dying your skin. On the contrary, the sprayed solution reacts with the dead cells on the surface of your skin which makes it turn into a darker color. This effect may last for up to two weeks while gradually fading away.

How long should you keep it on before showering?

Spray tan takes at least 2 to 3 hours to start developing a color change on your skin. If you want a light tan that will last for a short time, it’s ok to wash it off at this point.

It will give you a natural look, and no one will suspect that it’s fake. However, if you are into intense brown color tans, you can wait for up to 6 to 12 hours depending on how dark you want your skin to look.

Keep in mind that once you decide to take a shower, you should use lukewarm water, because hot water will spoil your tan by causing the apparition of dark spots on your skin. Moreover, avoid scrubbing your skin and don’t use any skin products that contain chemicals.

A few more tips

You need to know that you shouldn’t take a hot shower or bath right before your tanning session, because hot water will dilate your pores, which will make them prone to absorb the tanning solution.

Using hot water before tanning is unsafe, but it will also give you a non-uniform result as your pores will become darker than the rest of your skin since they contain a higher concentration of spray tan.

We also advise you to show up to your tanning session without wearing any make-up or accessories, and it is preferable if you wear loose clothes to avoid altering the final results.

Finally, if you have a big event coming up, don’t spray tan yourself at the last moment. Plan to do it at least 3 to 4 days in advance, to give yourself the chance to touch up if something goes wrong.


Having a perfect tan can be one of your best assets especially during your summer vacation. To do it the right way, follow the tips we gathered for you in this article, and remember that it’s best to get spray-tanned by a professional.


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