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How to care for baby rabbits

When baby rabbits have their mother around there is not much you can do for them except for feeding the mother and making sure she and her babies are safe.

However, if the poor rabbits have lost their mother, that’s where you can step in to help them. If you don’t know how to, it’s ok because we are going to provide you with five easy steps you can follow to guarantee sound development to the little bunnies.

1. Create a cozy home for them

It is crucial that you keep the bunnies in a warm and a clean place at least until the baby rabbits start to grow strong and become able to move around.

To provide them with the right amount of warmth, use cushy fabrics such as fleece or padded cotton. Make sure to cover the ground as well as the sides of the nest, and to forget to add chained roofing to prevent the bunnies from escaping.

Additionally, you could put a hot bottle of water to induce more warmth inside of the box which should be covered and put in a quiet place, out of reach from children and domestic animals. Always check on them and avoid touching them as much as you can.

2. Nurse them

Indeed the best way to feed a newborn bunny is by having their mother or any nursing rabbit nurse them. And since this isn’t always possible, you could resort to other alternatives such as milk formulas or powdered goat milk.

For the first week, feed them up to 3ml of milk formula twice a day. As for the second week, you should give them 6 to 10 ml of milk formula, depending on how hungry they are, two times a day.

Make sure to serve the milk with extra care and patience, and to use a sterilized syringe or eye dropper.

3. Teach them how to drink on their own

Counting form week one, the little bunnies should become able to drink the milk formula all by themselves.  Therefore, you are urged to lay out a plate of milk formula and another plate that contains water.

Although, you still need to keep an eye on the amount of milk formula they are consuming. When it comes to water, they can drink all they want throughout the day.

4. Allow them to get familiar with the outside world

As soon as you bunnies become capable of walking, put them outside in your garden to play around and to start developing a good perception of the outside world.

Moreover, you should know that around week 3 to 5, the bunnies become self-sufficient. Therefore, you should stop delivering milk formulas to them, and let them rely entirely on biological vegetables.

5. Move the bunnies outside for good

Starting from week 8, pick an appropriate spot from your garden where there the rabbits can find enough grass and plants to feed themselves off.

Next, place the rabbits in a wired and secure cage in a way they get to see the rest of the garden.

Keep checking up on the grown bunnies twice a day and give them water and vegetables they can’t find inside of the cage.


Taking care of innocent bunnies and watching them every day as they keep on growing can be very pleasant and therapeutic.

This guidebook was intended to help you through your journey of caring for domestic pets. We hope you found it handy and we wish you the best of luck with your little ones.

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