how to clean a rolex

How to clean a Rolex watch

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Owning a luxury watch such as a Rolex is an investment that requires a minimal time of cleaning and maintenance compared to the delight of long years of joyful wear.
In this guidebook, we will show you how to look after your precious accessory in just a few steps.

1. Screw down the winding crown

Since cleaning your stainless steel Rolex watch will necessitate water, the most important step is to secure the head of your watch from water leakage. To that end, what you need to do is to screw the crown tightly into the case and you’re safe.

2. Prepare a cleansing solution

Take a small container and fill it with warm water. Then, add some dish soap into the water and give it a shake. Afterward, soak your watch into the soapy solutions.

3. Give your watch a gentle scrub

After about 5 minutes of soaking, get your Rolex out of the water and buff it lightly with a toothbrush. Add some dish soap for better results and make sure to use a soft toothbrush, so you don’t scratch the crystal top as well as the steel parts.

4. Rinse off

After soaking and rubbing, finish off with rinsing your watch with lukewarm water until the soap is completely washed away.

5. Blow dry

Set your blow dryer on a low temperature and keep a distance of about 4 inches between the watch and the frontal heat diffuser. The blown air will reach the very narrowest of corners of your prestigious wristwatch and make all the moisture become dry.

Finally: repeat the previous steps every 2 to 3 months

To prevent dirt from clinging to your watch over time and wear, make sure to clean it at a frequency of once every 2 to 3 month in the same way we described previously.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to take your watch to a professional for possible adjustments and high-end polishing. We hope this guide was clear and practical.


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