How to Cook Filet Mignon on the Stove

How to cook filet mignon on the stove

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Filet mignon is a French recipe which name refers to delicate fillet. In fact, it is a delicious beef steak cut from the smaller end of the beef’s tenderloin and can be cooked in so many ways.

In the present article, we will guide you through the steps of making roasted filet mignon on the stove.

1. Preparing the filet mignon

Get your filet mignon out of the fridge or freezer and make sure it cools down to room temperature. Although, it is preferable to get a freshly cut steak.

2. Seasoning

Season your filet with salt and black pepper, and you could also sprinkle a pinch of fresh thyme, oregano or parsley. To soften the meat, incorporate a little bit of olive and spread it along with the other seasonings on both sides. Cover your steak and allow it to rest for about five minutes, which is enough time to make the seasoning sink in properly.

3. Heating

Take a saucepan in which you could either add some oil or some butter to prevent the meat from sticking and put on the stove to preheat it at high temperature.

4. Roasting

Once the saucepan reaches a high temperature, slide in your seasoned filet right in the middle of the pan and do not reduce heat to low until both sides are cooked. The right amount of cooking time ranges between 3 to 7 minutes for each side, depending on how rare or well-done you want your steak to be.

5. Serving

After you’re done with cooking, serve the filet mignon immediately. It is perfectly fine to present it alone on a plate, but you could still pair it up with a variety of steamed vegetables which will give a lot of vivacity to your plate.

cooked filet mignon

Last but not least, pour any leftover juice from the saucepan over the filet along with a few drops of lemon juice, and spice it up with a small grasp of pepper.

To sum it all up

For optimal results, it is crucial to pick the right piece of meat and to know with exactitude to which extent you want your filet to be cooked. These two factors are great contributors to the success of your personalized recipe.

In fact, there are numerous ways to prepare filet mignon, but this particular method we provided you with is a simplified version of the famous French recipe. And even though it’s quick and easy as pie, the outcome is very mouth-watering. We hope you enjoyed it too.


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