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How to Find out if your Wife has a Facebook Account?

Here are a few solutions to apply in order to find out if your wife has a Facebook account that she kept for herself either to spy on you or maybe to find out if you’re playing around or to simply play around herself.

1. Use the Facebook search bar

Before investing time in doing a search, we suggest you begin by typing your wife’s name in the Facebook search bar.

Scroll down the list of profiles and try to see if you recognize a familiar picture. If you do, well you saved a lot of time and energy.

You simply have to type your wife’s phone number in the search box, if she kept that information public then your search will automatically lead you to your wife’s profile.

3. Use her email address

In the same way, you searched for your wife’s profile using her phone number, this time you can use her email address. All you have to do is type it in the search bar and, similarly, it will lead you to her profile.

4. Use her picture

First, you have to find the file name and then locate its middle number. The file name ends with .jpg or .png and if it’s from Facebook it will contain “fb”.

Let’s say the file name is fbid=65602964473589&set=a. 158486545645645.2345.10000116735844&type, the middle number would be 158486545645645. 

The middle number is the profile ID and all you have to do is add it to the following link:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= as follow: 


Type this link in the address bar and it should lead you to the Facebook profile you’re looking for.

5. Use Google images

All you have to do is drag the suspected image in the Google Images search bar. The search will return to you all the emplacements where the photo has been used online. It will also find images that are similar to the one you uploaded.

6. Use her Instagram picture

Go to Instagram and click the picture post you’d like to get the link to. Copy-paste the link on the Google Images search bar and check if it’s linked to any Facebook profile.

7. Use her username from other social media

There’s an application named PeekYou that will allow you to find all social media accounts simply by entering the username.

Of course, your wife has to have the same user name for all of her accounts.

As an alternative, you can simply use Google, your everlasting friend!

8. Use Beenverified

Beenverified is a good example of an application that allows you, among many other traceability options, to determine instantly whether your wife has social accounts that you don’t know of.  

9: Use TinEye

TinEye tracks down possible image matches to the picture you want to put in comparison. It will also give you the modified version, if there is any, of the original picture as well as its traceable source.

10. Use InfoTracer

All you have to do is submit the full name of your partner for a complete background check. It will then generate a list of results and you can choose from it the best correspondence with your wife and you can get hold of all of her social accounts as well as of her images and videos. 

The only hitch that it’s not free: the unlimited look up pass will cost you about 4 dollars and will stay valid for 7 days.

11. Use Pipl

Pipl has a database that contains billions of online accounts. These accounts are accessible through Pipl’s search algorithm.

Its engine scans all social media networks to provide you with all the information you need.

12. Use Google social search

This search engine can look up for information through all of these social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can select the specific platform(s) where you want to search to be done and results will be sorted by social network.

13. Use Social-Searcher

This tool is similar to the previous one as it sorts out results by social network. The only difference is that the networks presented by this platform aren’t exactly the same as those of Google social search. We name, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Linked In, Instagram and Facebook. 

Of course, you have to insert your wife’s name and you’ll be surprised about the accuracy of the results and you don’t even need to have an account to get a preview on the content you requested.

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