how to find out who is calling you

How to find out who’s calling you?

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Want to find who is the real person who called you? and you find yourself in the need to reveal the real identity of the unknown caller? then, keep reading, in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Receiving a call from an unknown number can happen often. So, if you want to check out who the number belongs to, we suggest the following options.

1. Check out public databases

If the number calling you is not a mobile number it will be easily tracked on the white pages which is the most popular public database in the US.

In order to identify the owner of a phone number, you have to do is type the number in the search bar and you will instantly get a full report about the person. However, if you are not located in the United States or if you’re logging from elsewhere in the world you only get basic information about the owner: name, age, and address which is ok too.

2. Use Google advanced search

This search engine has the advantage of giving back very relevant results. However, you have to be very specific in your inquiry.

3. Use Bing

Bing is a search engine that can be as efficient as Google is. Furthermore, it can even pick up data that Google missed out on because of the obvious fact that maybe the user whom the unknown number belongs to inserted data on this particular search engine. That’s why we suggest you invest some time checking out as many search engines as possible.

4. Use professional networks

A professional network can surprisingly be loaded with useful data. In fact, the latter include city, state, location, carrier, etc.

The best tool we recommend that find the caller identity is BeenVerified, just give it a try and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Just type in the phone number and start the search. You’ll get the full name, location, email address, social media accounts, and even photos if available. It’s a powerful search engine that you can use.

By the way, sometimes, you’ll find yourself blocked, so, here is how you can call someone who has blocked your number. Make sure you follow the steps and apply the tips. Then, you’ll be able to unblock your number and bypass the phone blocking problem.

5. Make a search on a social networking site

You simply have to insert the number in the search bar and hope to get a match. Unfortunately, it won’t always be the case because many users apply privacy settings to their number and other personal information.

An example of a social network is VContact, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

6. Use Reverse phone lookup

A reverse phone lookup tool reveals the person behind that last call or even more, you can use it to find old friends. In fact, an application like TruthFinder can even give you specific details other than the name of the owner, like names of people associated with this person, real pictures of the latter, location, etc…

7. Try whose number is this

If you already have your doubts about the identity of your caller and when entering the phone number, this search engine will give back the exact location and the local phone operator that carries it.
However, it won’t always reveal the identity of the person who texted or called.

8. Explore the deep web search engines

The invisible web contains powerful and accurate search engines that provide categorized results. Therefore, when you’re looking you need to be as specific as possible in formulating your search.

9. Use caller ID

Actually, you can find many apps that are meant to automatically identify an anonymous number but their accuracy depends on whether or not they’re free or paid. In fact, many agree the TRUECALLER is one of the best free caller ID that’s why we strongly recommend it.

10. Upgrade your SIM card

As crazy as it may sounds, some providers offer a particular SIM card that is able to identify private, unknown, hidden and withheld numbers.

In general, this premium product is meant for wealthy people that are willing to pay a large amount of money to benefit from it. Hence, if this service is available in your area then nothing keeps from making such an investment.

11. Get help from the police station

If the person starts harassing you through calls, then you should consider filing a complaint. Now, if the number is not encrypted then you should be able to identify the country code, if the number turns out to be local then it would be even easier to track down.


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