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How to get sap out of clothes

Tree sap is a viscous substance secreted by trees, and it is so sticky that it adheres to any surface that it touches.

Actually, sap sticks to fabrics badly, and if you ever get your garment stained, here are a few solutions to help you get rid of sap stains easily:

1. Rubbing alcohol

Take a makeup removal cotton disc and saturate it with rubbing alcohol which is actually known of its ability to break down sap. Start dabbing the spot little by little, while adding alcohol to the cotton disc, until the sap dissolves completely. Wash immediately.

2. Clothes detergent

If the stain is thick, remove the excess sap using a plastic or a rounded knife. Wet the stained spot with hot water and leave it for a minute to soften.

Afterward, pour some cloth detergent over it and start rubbing the stain gently with a soft brush. Repeat until the stain is gone. Finish off with a high-temperature wash.

3. Stain remover

Industrial stain removers are very effective when it comes to treating hard-to-remove stains, that’s why it is handy to have a stain remover sprayer in case things got messy.

Make sure to scrape the sap if it has dried out. In case it didn’t, wipe off as much as you can and try not to spread it.

Once you have removed the surplus, spray the sap spot with stain remover. Wait for it to react. Put in the washing machine.

4. Ammonia

Ammonia can make any stain disappear. However, avoid using it on delicate materials because it can be too harsh and it can even damage your item.

If the latter is quite resistant, take a clean cloth and moisten it with clear ammonia. Next, rub the dirty spot mildly but repeatedly. Don’t stop until your item is clear. Wash like you normally would.

5. Hand sanitizer

Surprisingly, this disinfectant gel can easily make a sap stain disappear. Choose the clear version of any hand sanitizer brand to avoid color fasting. Pour some gel over the sap stain, scrub it against itself and it will vanish in no time.

When you’re finished scrubbing which won’t take long, give your garment a wash.

6. Chlorine bleach

Bleach is a strong oxidizer that breaks down the components of the stain rapidly and effectively. Although, you can use this method only if your piece of cloth is white or else it would get discolored.

So, if your item is indeed white, all you have to do is to spray its stained area with bleach and wash it as soon as the stain fades away.


Even though sap stains seem hard to remove, the methods stated above work like a charm, especially when you treat your clothing item as soon as you become aware that it has a sap stain.

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