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How to Get your Girlfriend Back

Getting your girlfriend back can sometimes be quite had because when two people break there is always a valid reason that backs up this decision. However, if you really think that ending the relationship was a mistake and that she is the one for you, we will help you win her back by proving you with 9 simple steps you need to follow:

1: Take a step back from the relationship

It is essential that you stop talking to your ex-girlfriend especially if the break up is very recent because doing so would only make the problem worse and make you both get confused. To avoid the unnecessary pain and confusion, break down all types of communication and take some time away from all distractions to clear your mind and get hold of yourself.

2: Take care of yourself

Be a little selfish and focus solely on yourself. You should reevaluate your life, observe what changed and what didn’t, and set new goals that are in coherence with what you really want to be later in life. You could also sign up to the gym, get a new hobby, adopt a pet, change your look, etc. Do anything as long as it gets you moving forward.

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3: Socialize

Don’t fall into the classic mistake of isolating yourself from society. On the contrary, you should catch up with your old buddies, and you could even go out to make new friends which is very stimulating to the mind, and it will make you feel a lot better.

Furthermore, mingling and hanging around with new people will help you reposition yourself within the dating game. In other words, you’ll either make the assertive conclusion that you badly want your ex back or that you want to look for other fish in the sea.

4: Think about what went wrong

After you’ve taken some time to improve your life’s vision and establishing whether or not you want your partner back, look back at your relationship and try to spot where did you go wrong.
Ask yourself questions like “What were the signs that showed that your ex was unhappy?”, “Why was she unhappy, and what can you do about it?”

5: Set realistic goals

Once you find a clear and a specific answer to the previously asked questions, define the strategy you’re going to follow to make a gradual change toward becoming a better and a wiser man.
Although, you need to be wary not to raise the bar too high to the point that you’ll find yourself giving up too soon. You should opt for making small changes one at a time and always consider healthy dialogue and compromise.

6: Share what you learned with her

Now it’s about time to reach out to her peacefully. Talk to her about your new life and discoveries, but most of all, admit to her the mistakes you have made in the past. Make sure to be completely honest with her and to let her know how sorry you are.

Don’t try to buy off her forgiveness by giving her expensive gifts or anything of the sort. What she really needs is to know that you have learned your lesson and that she can rely on you in the future.

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7: Spend some time with her

After setting the records straight, make your way back into her life slowly and subtly. Try to rebuild your friendship and let her know that you are there for her but don’t get too clingy.

The goal is to get her to trust you again and to make sure she has fun whenever you talk to her or take her out. Repeat these moves often until you notice that she’s starting to open up to you again.

8: Tell her you want her back

When the moment is right, tell her how much you miss her and how strongly you want her back. Explain to her how life wasn’t the same when she wasn’t around and that she’s your perfect match.
Ask for a second chance and promise to try harder to make things work this time.

9: Show her your good will

If she gives that second chance you asked for, don’t waste it and make sure to keep up with the resolutions you took because it’s probably your only shot to make things right.

That being said, you have to be more committed to the relationship than ever before, and your girlfriend needs to see how caring and understanding you are. Of course, you shouldn’t go beyond your ability, or else you will crack. Keep moving forward slowly but surely.


Having disagreements and misunderstandings is common among all couple, and the key to resolving these disagreements and misunderstandings is honest communication, and the willingness of both partners to compromise. Never forget this rule, and you’ll always find a way to sort your problems out smartly and calmly.

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