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How to make her miss you: 8 best methods

Are at a point where your girlfriend has got too comfortable with you? Congratulations, you just entered what’s commonly known as the comfort zone. In other words, you too know so much about each that it seems to her as if there are no more things you can add to the table. Well, tell her to think again because she is wrong.

In this article, we will share with you a few approaches you can follow to rekindle the spark in your relationship and to make your girlfriend miss and appreciate you.

1. Make her feel positively jealous

When your romantic partner establishes that you are appealing for other women, she will undoubtedly feel jealous. But at the same time, you will appear more appealing to her only because other women perceived you as such.

Make sure to let her know about who’s having a crush on you at work. It’s even better if she sees it with her own eyes, so pay attention to your appearance and work on your public sense of humor, and she will want to keep you closer to her.

2. Engage in a new activity

When you seek new interests, it will benefit you in two different ways.

First, you get the chance to discover a new area of expertise which will stimulate your brain and make you not only look interesting but feel interesting because will be truly learning new skills that could serve you later.

Second, your girlfriend will be positively surprised by your commitment and your openness to new experiences, which will make her want to be around you more often.

3. Make more time for your family and friend

By making more time for your family and friends, you send her a subtle message which is that your time and attention are not exclusive to her since you have other people who are also worthy of your time. It is a good strategy that will show her how valuable your time is and it will make her want to fight to be with you.

4. Do not report back to her

Every once in a while, skip a phone call or two and don’t give her details about how your day was. Be mysterious and make wonder about what you’re up too. If she starts approaching you and asking you questions that show genuine interest in you, it means she’s missing you. Make sure you don’t make a habit to though and don’t go to the extent of becoming unreliable.

5. Keep yourself busy

Being too available is a turn-off for both male and female partners. It only shows that you are too dependent emotionally. You do not want to be identified as a reliant partner because a reliant partner equals a burden.

That being said, always keep going forward and don’t forget that you have your own life to live. Be responsible and make the most out of your time to peruse your dreams and goals and in the way, you will get missed.

6. Break old patterns

For example, if you used to make coffee for her every morning, skip a morning or two, and you will induce sweet and silent suffering in her mind. Or if you used to never miss a visit to her parent’s house, let go on her own once and it will definitely destabilize her and will make her think of nothing but you.

7. Give her a physical reminder of you

Buying your girlfriend a practical gift will not only help her through her daily tasks, but it will also make her think of you daily. Offer her a watch so every time she checks it, she will think of you and of how sweet and generous you are to her. You could also get her something like a new cell phone or a bike if that’s what she used to go to work or to the grocery shop.

8. Offer her experiences to miss

Whenever you plan to spend time together, do your best to make it count and to make her remember it whenever she’s alone. Be sweet and giving, and above all be creative and in charge.

Plan ahead for special events like attending a concert of her favorite band or watching her favorite movie. Whatever you do, do it with love and care and you will be remembered with a lot of affection.


All relationships are doomed to go through the phase of stability if not routine and boredom. The good thing is that this phase is not final and it isn’t irreversible neither.
Follow the instructions stated above, and you will stir your partner’s feelings and make her heart jumping for you.

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