how to remove wax from clothes

How to Remove Wax from Clothes

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Getting a wax stain is a real unpleasant incident especially if you’re at a romantic candlelit dinner table with your significant other.

Try to remain calm and fight the urge to wipe it off, because if you flatten it, it will get harder to remove. Instead, try to ignore it and focus on having a great time with your date.

Once you’re back home and the wax is completely dry, here are a few methods you could apply to remove the candle wax off of your clothes.

1. Scrape the wax off

Use your fingernails or any peeling tool to scrape off the dried wax. The thicker the wax stain is, the easier it will be for you to remove it. In any case, you should proceed with caution and be careful not to ruin your item with potentially damaging and sharp scraping tools.

If you notice that the wax is not thoroughly scraped off, and there are still some residuals laying on your garment, use a stain remover product, and it will dissolve the wax away.

Finish with a wash using warm to hot water, depending on your garment’s tolerance for heat.

2. Put your garment in the freezer

Freezing your stained garment will allow the wax to harden even more, which will make it easier to remove.

Alternatively, you can lay an ice pack over the wax, and it will start to calcify in a short amount of time. As a consequence, you will be able to remove it just like you remove a piece of frozen chewing gum.

3. Use compressed air

If you have a bottle of compressed air, spray some of the cold substance all over the wax stain for the sake of cooling it down and making it solidify. After a while, it will start to disunite from your garment.

You could also use your deodorant spray since it is in a compressed form as well, which will help in breaking down the wax.

4. Work it with rubbing alcohol

Take a clean cloth and damp it with rubbing alcohol. Afterward, use it to rub the wax stain after narrowing it down to a minimum. Keep rubbing the wax remains until they decompose and break down completely. Finish off with a wash.

5. Use heat

If your stain has spread horizontally over your piece of clothes, you might want to use heat instead of cold to get rid of it. Use a hairdryer to melt down the wax and wipe it off with a cotton rag. Repeat as many times as necessary then wash your garment as you normally would.

To sum everything up…

As you can see from the above methods, removing wax isn’t very tricky. However, you shouldn’t treat it before it settles except when you choose method #5.

We hope you found this guide handy and we wish you better luck with wax in the future.


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