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How to See Who Views your Facebook Profile?

Even though is it commonly known that Facebook serves its advertising partners and customers with users’ information in return for large amounts of money, the multinational company claims that it doesn’t sell personally identifying data and that the information is anonymized and that it’s only meant to serve marketing, research and security purposes.

Still, can Facebook reveal to you the identity of your profile visitors?

We have already established that Facebook’s privacy policy is rather strict regarding making personal information accessible by the public audience. In other words, up until now, Facebook can’t provide you with personal and specific data about other Facebook users without their knowledge and consent.

In point of fact, it is argued that such checkups concerning the identity of Facebook users, who are viewing your profile, are not considered to be privacy violations by principle since Facebookers who willingly visit your profile are made aware beforehand of the fact that their identity will be revealed every time they visit another Facebook profile.

Of course, the need for Facebook users to view their profile visitors is taken into account by Facebook, Inc. that is why, and fortunately for iOS users, this potential tracking feature is put available and operative on the iOS version of Facebook under the name of “Who viewed my profile?”.

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So, if you are an iOS user, you can benefit from this option that legitimately shows you who viewed your Facebook profile for the last 30 days.

Unluckily for Android users, this feature is not available yet because this option is still on trial, but the matter is being debated and may become generalized to all Facebook users.

Are there other apps and extensions you could use?

Actually, many apps and extensions allege that they can give you a genuine list of people who are viewing your profile whereas Facebook, Inc. insists that no third party mobile or web application can provide you with this private information. Furthermore, Facebook urges you to report any application that claims to be able to track down every visitor of your profile, because all that they will be tracking is your personal data and other content on your device. It could also infect the latter with malware and could even cause hardware dysfunctioning. So, be wary!

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In closing:

The safest way to have access to the list of your Facebook profile viewers can only be given by Facebook, Inc. because it is the sole guarantor of the safe use of this private information.
Therefore, it is not advised to resort to intrusive apps that provides no real added value.

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