What does it Mean when a Guy Calls you “Honey”

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Sometimes guys use terms of affection in a way that confuses girls especially when they haven’t established a close connection yet.

If a guy keeps calling you honey and you can’t figure out what that possibly means, you can rest assured that there is no single explanation to this unexpected sweet talk. Keep reading, and you’ll find out what your buddy is all about.

Meaning for calling you “Honey”

1. He is warmhearted by nature

Even though endearing terms are put into words by more women than men when holding conversations in a friendly context, there is still a minority of men who tend to sweet talk their counterpart, whether the latter is male or a female.

Having said that, if the guy also calls other people honey, then this only means that he is a compassionate fellow.

2. He likes you as a friend

This person could refer to you as his honey and he not do it with other people. Now, don’t go thinking that he is romantically attached to you because if he hasn’t confessed that to you, it only means that you are his special friend, nothing more.

3. He does it out of habit

Some men picked up this word, and it somehow got engraved in their spoken language. They have no issue using it with everyone regardless of whether they like them or not. Therefore, if you come to notice that this guy is saying the word almost mechanically, don’t take personally.

4. He is flirting with you

When a guy likes a girl and wants to let her know without risking to look or sound ridiculous, he opts for sending out subtle signs to her such as a soft handshake, a smile and eventually, a “honey!”.

Don’t be afraid to misread these signs because if he really likes you, he will make sure you become aware of that.

5. He is patronizing you

It’s puzzling how a single word can have opposite meanings. By calling you honey, your guy could be insinuating that he doesn’t like you by any means. Moreover, he could even be looking down at you and considering you as inferior to him, and as a consequence, tries to put you in your place.

6. He is a player

If someone called you honey as well as many other cute names, this could mean that he forgot your name because he can’t memorize the names of every girl he gets acquainted with, which are numerous.

7. He is gay

Gay men use a somewhat different lexicon compared to that of straight men. However, if you are familiar with gay communities, you won’t miss out on the signs that say that the guy who is calling honey is not attracted to the female gender, and not to you neither.

Sometimes, guys like to call girls especially cute obes by similar names like babe, sweetheart, angel, etc…

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As we have already shown, having a man calling you honey could hold a lot of different connotations and meanings. Therefore, before jumping into any quick conclusions, look closely to the overall behavior of this man to make a better judgment about his intentions.

Moreover, the nature of the relationship between you two is a huge determinant of making you understand where you stand.


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