Pros and cons of dating an older man

4 pros and cons of dating an older man: does age matter in a relationship?

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Dating men that are advanced in age can hold many advantages, but at the same time, younger women can face a few difficulties due to the age gap.

In this short article, we’re going to share with you the pros and cons of dating older men.


1. Commitment

Unlike youthful men, older men don’t suffer from the fear to commit because they’re way over with the player’s phase. On the contrary, they are proactively seeking to establish stability in their life by looking for a long term partner, among other things that only adults consider to do.

Moreover, they are so mature that they will know how to win your heart and treasure it. So, if you want to be spoiled, and treated like a princess, it is more likely to happen if the guy you’re dating older than you.

2. Financial security

Mature men act smarter around money and by the time you cross their path, you’ll find that their career is already set. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finances and retirement plans since he already got everything figured out.

3. Emotional intelligence

When a man grows up, he becomes more aware of his needs but also of his partner’s and does his best to meet those needs. For example, you won’t be craving for good quality communication because you’ll find that is what he already wants.

Moreover, he won’t be very possessive of you to the point of suffocating you or of getting you involved in his jealousy crisis like younger guys do.

4. Support and protection

Because old men have more life experience than yourself, they will make you benefit from their knowledge, their good judgment, their past, and present relationships and connections, etc.

Nonetheless, you also get to enjoy the feeling of safety they give you when you’re around them because of how good they are at taking care of you and protecting you.


1. The Oedipus complex

If you are dating a man who is old enough to be your father, well, you might fall into the classic trap of looking at him and treating him as such which can be problematic for both you and him.

The reality is that a relationship between two partners needs to be horizontal, and you as a woman, need to rely on yourself for creating your personal happiness.

2. Generational gaps

Because of the fact that you and your potential mate belong to two different generations, you may face many problems in the future, ranging from having opposite views on life to the number of children the two of you should raise.

3. Power imbalance

It is possible that you get intimidated by the authority of an old man especially when you set your eyes on a successful one. You should know that he wouldn’t have made it that far in his life if it wasn’t for his predominance and sense of leadership. You’re going to have to deal with it.

4. Social pressure

Your friends and family may not support your decision and find it outrageous which can have a negative impact on your well being. It’s because if you are so attached to them to the point of meeting them regularly, they may strain you with constant criticizing and gloomy remarks you don’t want to hear which can be very frustrating.


Getting involved with an older man can be challenging. However, sometimes you meet a guy, and he is just worth all the trouble because he will dazzle you on so many levels that a younger guy can’t possibly reach.

In any case, weigh your pros and cons and make sure you know with preciseness what you want and how to get it from any man, young or old. Best of luck.


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