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10 Signs She is Cheating with a Coworker

Want to find the truth, and you have doubts that your wife or even girlfriend is cheating on you with a coworker? So, keep reading this guide and don’t forget to share it with friends. We’ll show you the real signs that your partner is having an affair with a coworker.

Cheating is not a recent phenomenon. People, throughout the history of civilizations, have always indulged in extramarital affairs. Some people do it because they receive little attention from their partner, which tends to develop emotional disconnection that often leads to cheating.

Sometimes what happens is that the partners grow apart, this is particularly true for couples who got married too young and who weren’t prepared to face life’s difficulties and challenges. 

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few signs that may indicate that your wife is cheating on you with a coworker.

1. She suddenly has more working hours to fill

If you notice that your partner seems happier at work than at home, this could mean that she has certain things going on in her workplace that she is anticipating. Indeed, she will be spending too many extra hours at works without complaining. On the contrary, she will look sparkling. So, to know if she’s having an affair with a coworker, look for the following signs;

Another red flag to watch out for is that if she suddenly develops the habit of showering as soon as she gets home from work.

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2. She doesn’t want you near her workplace

Is your wife becoming more reticent about you picking her up from work? Did you once showed up unnoticed and she got mad at you instead of appreciating the surprise? This attitude is that of a person who has something to hide. She’s probably keeping you at a distance, so you don’t find out about her affair. That’s one of the common signs of cheating in the workplace.

3. She travels for work a lot and alone

Your partner may announce to you that she has to travel for work this weekend. Now, she could be honest about it if the nature of her job requires a lot of shifting. However, if it’s not the case, and if the number of her trips keeps increasing, it is legitimate that you start asking for explanations.

4. She avoids having intimate discussions with you

When your wife becomes less attentive to your needs, urges you to rely on yourself, and couldn’t be patient enough to have a meaningful discussion with you. Well, sadly, this means that she’s lost interest in you, and prefers saving her attention and affection to her new lover.

5. She’s taking extra care of her looks

Do you think that your wife is overly dressed up for work? Did she go to the extreme of having a new look that she’s happy about regardless of your opinion and of whether or not you like it?

The conclusion is your woman is obviously not doing it for your sake, and that there’s someone at work she wants to impress.

6. She’s less responsible at home

In case your wife starts to complain continuously about house shores, taking care of the kids if you have any, preparing meals for you, then maybe she feels like she wants to free herself from all these, what she considers now to be unwanted burdens, which are nothing but things she used to do with so much love and devotion.

7. She doesn’t report back to you

If you used to check up on each other, but she stopped doing that, and she even feels bothered by your calls, this indicates that she wants to have more space to do whatever she feels like doing, without reporting back to you and without being held accountable. Moreover, your wife wants to experience the excitement of life without you. You should know that this is not a definite sign that she is cheating, but it is a clue that there is something wrong between the two of you. Talk it out. 

8. She chats privately

Your wife may get more possessive than usual regarding her cell phone or personal computer. You may also notice that she’s having long private conversations that she keeps you from learning about without your knowledge. It is possible that she is, for all that time, talking and getting closer to her new crush.

9. She has much less or much more libido

When you want to get intimate with your wife, you may witness withdrawal from her behalf. She may give implausible excuses such as feeling tired or sick or any other flimsy justification that would get her off the hook.

On the other hand, she could act the opposite way and show sudden and intense sexual interest in you. If this keeps going on to the point that you feel like you’re with another person, then you can bet that she’s not approaching you like that because of hormonal imbalance. It’s her sense of guilt and her fear of getting caught that makes her unconsciously exaggerate her approach.

10. She overly criticizes you

When your partner criticizes you for no legitimate reason, then what’s happening is that she is trying to suppress the feeling of guilt by attempting to give invalid justifications to her infidelity. In other words, she will do everything she can do to make it look like you are an unreliable partner who isn’t worthy of her faithfulness, which is not true, of course.

But she wants to believe that you’re not adequate for her because she wants to find coherence in what she’s committing against you.


It’s a fact that people are becoming more prone to infidelity than ever before because of many factors such as finances, inability to commit, emotional issues and stress, etc.

Moreover, most extramarital relationships arise at the office because the numbers of hours that an individual spends at work are superior to the number of hours at home if we don’t count sleeping hours. 

Therefore, daily contact with coworkers allows them to share details about their personal life, which will create a bond between them, as well as possible feelings of love and affection. As a result, an unexpected relationship takes birth.

In this article, we assembled for you the most common signs that may lead to the conclusion that your spouse is cheating. Of course, it is best to confront her about her doubtable behavior before accusing her of anything, who knows, maybe she has a plausible explanation for what’s going on. Give her and yourself the chance to talk it out and take the right measures that suit you both.

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