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Things to Talk About with your Girlfriend

To make your relationships last, it is essential that you practice communication with your girlfriend on a daily basis. Talking will keep both of you from feeling bored and will make you gradually grow closer together.

But what if you’re running out of ideas to discuss? No problem because in this article, we’ll be sharing with you the top 10 subjects to bring out with your partner at any given moment of the day.

What to talk about with a Girlfriend?

1. Funny moments

Girls love men who make them laugh. If you have a joke in mind, don’t hesitate to share it with your girlfriend. When talking to your partner, you shouldn’t hold back on anything, not even on embarrassing moments, because unlike you might think, it won’t make you look ridiculous, on the contrary, it will make you look confident and funny.

2. Hobbies

Knowing each other’s hobbies will bring closer because you may find out that you have more things in common than you thought. An even if it’s not the case, these sort of discussions will make you more aware and therefore more understanding about your partner’s likes and needs.

3. Sweet memories

You could talk about the first time you met and how magical it was. Otherwise, you could bring out unforgettable moments that you lived separately, but that remained deeply engraved in your memory. Sharing special memories with your loved one will strengthen the bond between you and urge you to live similar moments.

4. Plans for the future

Talking about what you planned out for the future with your girlfriend will make you informed about how compatible your plans are. However, if it’s not the case and if your plans diverge, having this dialogue will show whether or not you are capable of compromising for the sake of saving the relationship.

5. What you are grateful for

Being grateful is of the most positive and healthy state of minds that will help you get ahead in your relationship, and in life in general. Knowing that your partner is thankful for certain blessings they have is knowing that your girlfriend is patient and humble and one day she will be grateful for having you if it’s not already the case.

6. The things you appreciate most in a partner

Recognizing your girlfriend’s best treats will motivate her to be more of that. For example, if you think she’s generous, and show her how much you appreciate this part of her character, this will unconsciously encourage her to be more generous and giving. Likewise, the same applied to you. When she tells you how much she likes your sense of humor, for example, this will make you want to become even funnier to make her like you more.

7. Past accomplishments

Talking about what you managed to achieve in the past will prove to your girlfriend how much potential you have. Furthermore, this will make her realize that she can count on you and that she can feel safe around you.

Similarly, if you what she already accomplished, it gives you a good idea of what she is capable of doing. This kind of talk provides great reassurance to both of you regarding the future.

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8. Past failures

Bringing up your failure in a conversation is a sign of courage and maturity. Moreover, it shows that you are not afraid of letting your guards down in front of your girlfriend without hiding your fragility. In reality, she could only appreciate the deep level of sharing, and she will do the same thing and talk to you about the lessons she’s learned for her past mistakes without hesitation.

9. Biggest Dream

By asking your girlfriend about her biggest dream, you’ll get a clear idea about her vision of life and about the person she wants to become. You can be sure that dressing this topic will refresh your relationship and will give you reasons to aspire for your future as a couple. Don’t hesitate to share your dreams too, who knows, maybe she will help you make them turn into reality.

10. Religious values

Having this conversation will connect you at a deep level with your partner. Moreover, when you both reveal and discuss your intimate thoughts about God and religion with one another, you’ll get a better vision of whether or not there are similarities regarding your belief systems.


This article was meant to give you ideas about conversations you should have with your loved one, which will hopefully bring you closer to one another especially that the subjects we suggested for you and your girlfriend to discuss can give you a good insight into one another.

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