Different types of manicures for your nails

Different types of manicures for your nails

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Manicures are fingernails treatment which includes cleaning, filing, shaping, softening, lengthening and coating the nails. All these steps are carried out by a certified manicurist at a professional nail salon.

In reality, there are different types of manicures that vary according to their texture and chemical composition.
In this guidebook, we will layout the existing types of manicures for you so you will know exactly what to ask for the next time you go to the nail salon.

1. Regular manicure

A regular manicure pose is perfect for people who tend to change their look a lot since it only lasts for up to one week. The good thing is that it only takes 30 minutes to get a regular manicure at a salon which shouldn’t cost you above 15 dollars (the fees of the hand massage and care included).

Alternatively, you can apply this basic manicure at the comfort of your home since it is as easy to apply as it is to remove.

For long-lasting results, always start with a base coat and finish with a top coat to seal the nail polish to your fingernails.

2. Gel manicure

Gel manicure cost more than a regular manicure because it takes more time and effort to build up gel coats. Gel application can only be performed by a professional as it involves UV light setting.

Gel nails are highly charged compared to basic nails, but they have a natural soft finish and can last for about 2 to 3 weeks before the first filling.

3. Acrylic manicure

Acrylic polish is a thick mix between a liquid and a powder which needs to be applied on filed nails. The advantage of this particular type of manicure is that it doesn’t necessitate UV light setting and it is often left to air dry on its own.

The acrylic manicure treatment lasts longer than gel and costs nearly as much. However acrylic polish is rather hard and stiff compared to gel polish.

4. Shellac manicure

Shellac is a brand name of a company named CND, who was the first to introduce this type of nail polish on the cosmetic market. Shellac is a mix of gel polish and regular nail polish, and it requires the use of UV lights for drying and curing.

Its texture is softer than that of gel polish and is a bit thicker than regular polish. Therefore, it is wiped out without much difficulty using acetone.

A single application of this product costs approximately between 20 to 40 dollars depending on the design and finish you choose, and last for up to 3 weeks without cracking.

5. Dip powder manicure

Dip powders are getting more and more trendy because they are not so difficult to apply.

All it takes for its application is a base coat and a powder dip, a second base coat, and a second powder dip, and finally, a finishing base coat and you’re all set. Applying these steps doesn’t take much time and give you perfect results that last for up to a month for a price that does not exceed that of an acrylic manicure application.

End of the line

Each of the present types of manicures has their own advantages, and it’s good that you understand the particularities of each kind of manicure, so you become able to choose assuredly the best option for you.


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